Jerome Pulpytel

Dr Jerome Pulpytel

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Habilitation

Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Sorbonne University


Career Highlights

- Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering in charge of campus development and real estate projects, Sorbonne University (Jan 2022-)

- Member of the strategic committee of the FabLab of Sorbonne University (2021-)

- Promoted to “Hors Classe” by CNU section 62 (2021)

- Distinction: Research Investment Grant (2012,2016,2020)

- Member of the Plasma Federation (Plas@Par) Board of Sorbonne University (2020-)

- Project Leader for the Implementation of the FabLab of Sorbonne University (2018-2021)

- Coordinator of the Master 1 Teaching Unit Introduction to Chemical Engineering (2018-)

- Member of the expert group of the Deparment of Chemistry in Chemical Engineering (2018-2022)

- Invited Researcher in the Laboratory of Pr. Shinsuke Mori, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2015)

- Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Laboratory Interfaces and Electrochemical Systems (Sorbonne University) (2014-)

- Coordinator of the Master 2 Teaching Unit Optimization and Process Control  (2013-)

- Habilitation to Conduct Research (HDR), Non-equilibrium Plasma Chemical Reactors for Surface Treatments and Elaboration of Materials, University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) (2013)

- Coordinator et member of the board of the Doctoral School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Processes (2008-2012)

- Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in the Laboratory of Plasma Chemical Engineering and Surface Treatments, Chimie Paristech (2007-2014)

- ATER in Chemical Engineering section, Department of Chemistry, University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) (2005-2007)

- PhD in Process Engineering and High Technology, Study of the elementary mechanisms of tin oxide thin film deposition by PECVD, University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) (2002-2005)


Scientific Expertise

Plasma processes (PECVD, PVD), thin films, surface treatments, semiconducting oxides, plasma polymers, process modeling, design of experiments.

Scientific Production

h-index 24, 1971 citations, 49 publications, 21 international invited conferences, 47 international conferences, research contract with industrial partners (Michelin, Hutchinson, Aptar, Linxens, Plasmatreat), national and European projects (ANR ASPOME, FP7 NATIOMEM, INCA CORAPLAS), 5 patents


Scientific mediation

« Plasma : le 4ème état c’est moi », L. Hadid, J. Pulpytel, La méthode scientifique, France culture, 58 min, podcast : Plasma : le quatrième état, c'est moi ! ( (2021)

« A la découverte du 4ème état de la matière », 33 min, J. Pulpytel, L. Petitdemange,   (2020)