Plateforme instrumentale Micro/NanoRaman

Our instrumental platform combines the advantages of Raman spectroscopy (chemical analysis) with those provided by local probe microscopy AFM and STM (topographic, electrical and mechanical information at subnanometer scale). Its main characteristics are given below.

Plateforme Raman-LISE


  • MicroRaman spectroscopy: Horiba « LabRaman HR800 Evolution »  - 4 laser  lines: 473, 532, 633, 785nm, ultralowfrequency measurements 10cm-1, spectrale resolution: 0,5 cm-1, 2 detectors : camera EM-CCD Andor Newton, camera Horiba Syncerity , XY  stage for compositional mapping.
  • MicroRaman spectroscope: Horiba « LabRaman300 (laser line 633 nm)
  • Scanning probe microscopy: AIST « Smart SPM » & « Combiscope »  - AFM, STM, shear-force AFM (tuning fork) modes, electrical measurements (KFM, CS-AFM…).
  • Colocalized AFM/Raman measurements &TERS : AIST « Omegascope » & « TIOS »



  • Sample Topography (STM) with atomic or molecular resolution
  • SPM measurements coupled with electrochemical measurements - AFM (3 electrodes),STM (4 electrodes), development of SECM measurements
  • Chemical composition mapping by exalted surface (SERS, SHINERS) and advanced (TERS) Raman spectroscopy - Nanometric resolution (NanoRaman), measurements in liquid medium, coupling to electrochemical methods (EC-SERS, EC-TERS).
  • Raman impedance
  • Atomic and molecular contacts


  • Corrosion - In situ monitoring of corrosion phenomena (pitting, etc.): industrial applications, heritage objects
  • Energy storage - In situ study of the degradation of the performance of electrode materials for lithium and sodium batteries
  • (Electro) Catalysis - Spectral study of catalytic reaction products (O2 release), catalyst stability 
  • Electrochemical mechanisms - Identification of reaction intermediates with low lifetime  
  • Information storage - Study in operation of molecular switches  
  • Molecular electronics - Electronic transport properties of molecular assemblies with multiple redox centers
  • Biology - Study of biomineralization phenomena (pathological calcification) 
  • Plasmonics - Light/matter interaction (absorption, SERS properties): nanometric objects, assemblies 
  • Surface functionalization - Local modification and analysis at the nanoscale

Funding & parteners

European project Marie Curie CIG, DIM nanoK (Région île de France), LabEx Michem et Matisse.

Partners : IMPMC, LCMCP, Monaris, IPCM, LRS, Itodys, LEM


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