THEME 2  -  Matériaux et Interfaces : Fonctionnalité et Electrochimie (MATTERFEEL)

Scientific animator : C. Debiemme-Chouvy (DR)

Participants : F. Arefi-Khonsari (PR), H. Cachet (DR Bénévole UPMC), H. Cheap-Charpentier (enseignant-chercheur EPF),

C. Deslouis (DR Émérite), F. Hui (CR-HDR),  O. Horner (enseignant-chercheur EPF, HDR), A. Pailleret (MdC-HDR),

H. Perrot (DR), J. Pulpytel (MdC-HDR), O. Sel (CR).


Our research activities

Our research activities are based on the one hand on the development of thin film materials  synthesized by an electrochemical or electroassisted method or by plasma  and on the other hand on the characterization of these synthesized materials for targeted applications such as energy, environment and health.


      Nanostructured materials for energyPPy

                Conductive polymers : polypyrrole (PPy), PEDOT

                Oxides : MnO2, WO3, TiO2

                Carbonaceous materials : nanotubes de C, graphène, a-CNx

                Composites : polymer/oxide, polymer/Si, graphene/polyoxometalate

                Materials for enzymatic biopiles

                Proton exchange membranes (PEM)


      Anti-corrosion and/or antifouling films

                Composites : polymer/graphene

                Thin films deposited by plasma (TiO2, (co)polymers, ...)p)l

                Antitartre films

                N-halamine polymers

                Window protection by halide oxidation at SnO2 electrode


      Interface in natural or industrial environment

                Layered double hydroxide (LDH) for water treatment

                (Bio)sensors : DNA, nitrate, H2

                Entartrage, encrassement

                (Electro)synthesis of polydopamine  

                Monochloramine production by an electrochemical route
                Décharges plasma en milieu liquide (Valorisation biomasse)n

                Polymers deposited by plasma for biomedical applications


Our techniques of elaboration and characterization

               Montage d’ac-électrogravimétrie

                AFM (CS-AFM,  EC-AFM)

                Réacteurs plasma basse pression

                Plasmas atmosphériques



Some Representative Publications

    S. Ben Saïd, F. Arefi-Khonsari, J. Pulpytel, "Plasma polymerization of 3-aminopropyltrietoxysilane (APTES) by open-air atmospheric arc plasma jet for in-line treatments", Plasma Process. Polym. 2016, 13, 1025-1035.
    S. Bhatt, F. Valamanesh, J. Pulpytel, R. Lo Dico, A. Baithuka, A. Aldybiat, M. Pocard, F. Arefi-Khonsari, M. Mirshahi
"Radio-frequency plasma polymerized biodegradable carrier for in vivo release of cis-platinum", Oncotarget 2016, 7, 58121.

    M. Chaussemier, E. Pourmohtasham, D. Gelus, N. Pécoul, H. Perrot, J. Lédion , H. Cheap-Charpentier, O. Horner
"State of art of natural inhibitors of calcium carbonate scaling. A review article", Desalination 2015, 356, 47-55.

    A. Fakhry, H. Cachet, C. Debiemme-Chouvy
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