Electrochemical cell coupled to a mass spectrometer - Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry (DEMS)

Contact : Catherine Debiemme-Chouvy


The coupling between an electrochemical cell and a mass spectrometer allows the detection, identification and time-based observation of the gaseous products formed at the working electrode.
The experimental set-up consists of a three-electrode electrochemical cell connected to a mass spectrometer (quadrupole, m/q < 200), the separation between these two elements being ensured in particular by a hydrophobic microporous membrane in PTFE.



Some examples of application:

    a) Methanol oxidation: CH3OH + H2O  -->  CO2 + 6 H+ + 6 e-

    b)  "Negative Difference Effect" at a Mg électrode dihydrogen production takes place at open circuit potential or under an ANODIC polarization.

Mg --> Mg+ + 1 e-     puis    2 Mg+ + 2 H2O --> 2 Mg(II) + H2 + 2 OH-


       c)  Nitrite reduction in an acidic medium

     - HNO2 disproportionation (pKa = 3,3) : 3 HNO2 --> NO3- + 2 NO + H+ + H2O
     - HNO2 reduction by SiMo12O406- : 2 HNO2 + 2 SiMo12O406- + 4 H+ --> N2O + 2 SiMo12O404- + 3 H2O


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